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Travel tips

Consult the Travel section of the Abbott LVAD website below, don’t forget to download their brochure “Traveling with Your HeartMate LVAD Device” while there.

In addition, patients have found these tips helpful as well:

  • When travelling by air, take advantage of “accessible travel services” from curbside through boarding the aircraft. This is most easily done by contacting your airline ahead of your travel dates.

  • Don’t forget to mention that you are travelling with medical equipment when boarding the aircraft. Ask the staff for help if needed.

  • If not using accessible travel services, TSA Pre-check can make the security process go more smoothly, especially with the emergency bag equipment.

  • If you encounter an issue, every airline has a “complaint resolution official” at the airport to address the needs and concerns of passengers with special health conditions. Ask for one if the need arises.

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