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Wearing your LVAD

After surgery, LVAD patients receive standard, wearable equipment for securing the batteries and controller. Additionally, patients have found these alternatives popular:

LVAD specific shirt / undershirt

There are shirts specifically designed to securely hold your LVAD controller and batteries. These shirts can have Velcro pockets on both sides to secure your batteries and a pocket for your controller. Typically, these shirts are made of a light, breathable fabric that can be worn under your clothes.

Sewn For You is a local seamstress retailer that specializes in adaptive clothing like LVAD apparel. Laura is the seamstress and is a volunteer supporter of the Second Chance for Life patient community. She can work with you to find the perfect place to safely wear your equipment for comfort and range of motion.

Other LVAD shirts are available by searching “LVAD shirt” on Esty, Amazon or other on-line retailers.

Tactical holster shirt

The Tactical holster shirt is designed with two pockets on the side to conceal your batteries/battery clips. They are available in crew neck or V neck and multiple colors. If you chose this option, you must wear your controller on a neck strap or belt attachment. Examples of these shirts can be found at local and on-line retailers.

Fishing, hunting, and photographer vests

A variety of vests are available in multiple sizes and materials. They typically have pockets that are large enough to hold and secure your batteries. Some may even have pockets to secure your controller as well. They can be found at on-line retailers and local sporting goods stores.

Cargo pants/shorts

Cargo pants/shorts have pockets that are large enough to hold and secure the batteries. Some find cargo pants an preferred solution. Even fleece material cargo pants can be found. These are available at on-line retailers and local clothing stores such as Old Navy, Cabela’s or others.


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